Discussion: Communicating With Technology

Describe in detail at least three instances during the course of an average week that you are required to organize, calculate, and interpret numeric data. If your average week does not generally include organizing numerical data, you may need to be creative with this part of the discussion! For each of the instances you describe, explain how the use of different technology tools might make these tasks easier and more accurate. Provide multiple examples of technology tools including:

  • portable devices (cell phones, pocket calculators, tablets), desktop computers, computer networks

Discuss any ethical, legal, and security implications of using technology to create and share numerical data.

Use properly documented sources from this course or other valid outside resources to justify, support, and expand on your response.

By the due date assigned, post your initial response of at least 150 words to the Discussion Area.

Answer the questions with a couple of sentences please number the answer.

1-Job satisfaction is an important aspect of emotional well-being in adulthood. Job satisfaction is twofold, as both the employee and employer must contribute. How might an employer keep its employees satisfied? What might employers due to increase satisfaction and reduce burnout?

2- Describe Erikson’s developmental stage, intimacy versus isolation. Discuss the core challenge associated with this stage and what might occur if the individual does not successfully navigate the stage.

3-+Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the united states?

4-Career Change at Midlife

5-Planning for Retirement

6-midlife sibling relationships and friendships.

7-career change and unemployment in middle adulthood.

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