Discussion. 200 words. apa

“Personality consists of the inner psychological characteristics that both determine and reflect how we think and act, which together form an individual’s distinctive character. Consumers often purchase products and brands because advertisers have given them “personalities” that differentiate them from competing offerings. Brand personification occurs when consumers attribute human traits or characteristics to a brand. A “brand personality” provides an emotional identity for a brand, which produces sentiments and feelings toward it among consumers. For example, consumers often view certain brands as “exciting,” sophisticated,” or “warm” and they buy brands that best match their self-concept (Schiffman & Wisenblit, 2015, p. 82).

People that are “high” self-monitors – influenced by other people’s perception of them will purchase popular brands especially in public consumption situations. When using the personality dimensions old-fashioned, wholesome, and traditional, consumers regularly think of the brands Quaker Oats and Maxwell House coffee.

What brands come to mind for each set of personality dimensions?

  1. Serious, intelligent, efficient
  2. Glamorous, romantic, sexy
  3. Rugged, outdoorsy, tough