Discuss the characteristics that help make a good teacher

1.Discuss the characteristics that help make a good teacher, including a discussion of the concept of intentionality.

2. “Research + Common Sense = Effective Teaching,” give specific examples of how educational psychology research can enhance effective teaching.

3. You are interested in how teacher feedback written on homework (“good job,” etc.) affects the quality of subsequent homework. To illustrate the important differences between the various approaches, describe how this question might be studied using each of the following:
A. laboratory experiment
B. randomized field experiment
C. single-case experiment
D. correlational study

4.Can good teaching be taught? Answer this question while providing at least two personal examples of “good teaching” from your own perspective, either as a student or teacher.

5.Formulate two experiments that would be informative and helpful to teachers and that could be carried out in your classroom using a single-case experiment. Map out your anticipated imaginary results as done in figure 1.2 of the text.

6.Define and contrast external validity and internal validity as they relate to laboratory experiments versus correlational research.

7.Define and give an example of your own illustrating the three types of correlation (positive, no correlation, negative).

8.List the principal advantage and disadvantage of correlational research as compared to experimental research.

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