discuss the brainstorming techniques and normal group techniques and the Delphi techniques

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Rukmini Akula – Wednesday, September 26, 2018, 1:51 PM

In this discussion topic, we are going to discuss the brainstorming techniques and normal group techniques and the Delphi techniques. Then firstly we are going to discuss about the brainstorming techniques, so, brainstorming is one of the decision-making processes in which anyone group gives the negative feedback on any of the other individual suggestions then the group members are not allowed to implement the work until everyone in the group is agreed with the concepts of the work and if anyone in the group is not satisfied with the thoughts of the other individuals then all the team members will work together in order to find the alternative ideas or the concepts. So, this brainstorming is designed in a very careful manner in such a way that each and every individual who is working in the group are encouraged to their ideas.

And the next technique is the nominal technique which is another useful technique in this discussion topic, and it helps to make the decisions in a proper way by each and every individual group in the project. And this nominal technique is designed in such a way that each and every individual will make their own decisions and each and every participant will have equal participation. And some the following steps that are involved in the nominal technique are

1.      The members who are participating in the group will have their own individual ideas on the decisions and then solve for the problems that have occurred in their projects

2.      And each and every member in the group will write their own ideas on the board, and sometimes will also represent their own ideas orally, once every member is done with the participation of ideas they will be implemented accordingly.

3.      When everyone is done with the participation again the members will discuss together on the ideas they have to implement and then will work on it in order to get the desired output or the desired result.

Delphi Technique:

Here is the Delphi technique, it involves the questionnaires on a particular problem with the group of members, in this technique the group of members will participate in the questionnaires and try to solve the problem or try to solve with the desired result or the desired solution.

Some of the formal steps that are involved in the Delphi Technique:

1.      Initially, the problem is identified.

2.      And then the group members will ask to work on the problem and all the group members should be careful in providing the answers or the solutions according to the questionnaire.

3.      So, when the group members are ready with their solutions then all the solution of the group members will compile together and then will be given to the team leader to implement the ideas or for the confirmation.

4.      And all the group members who are working with the project will ask to generate the new solutions and once if they are done then the team leader will study the responses and then will implement according to the problem.

5.      These steps will be repeated continuously until and unless the solution is found.

So, these are some of the techniques that are very useful in handling the problems and will make the work very easy for the employers who are working on the project. And then the teamwork will become simple to the team members.


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