Development of a discharge planning process to improve intra-professional communication in transitions of care

 phenomenon of interest (Development of a discharge planning process to improve intra-professional communication in transitions of care)
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A nursing phenomenon of interest (POI) can be defined as any factor that influences health status and is relevant to nursing. These phenomena relate to all the different aspects of human behavior and functioning; the phenomena can relate to an individual patient, the family unit, the community, or an entire population. The student should consider their own area of expertise and practice when selecting a POI; the selected phenomena should come from an observed practice “problem” that has importance to the student.

Within this assignment you will identify a POI that has significance to your area of practice. You will explain why you think this POI is significant- this section of the paper should be supported with peer reviewed evidence from the literature available on the subject. The evidence should be current-no older than 5-7 years at most.

Next, you will discuss your basic philosophic approach to your life and work. Please refer to the Keynote and Resources provided earlier in this Unit for further details on what type of information will be expected in this section of the assignment. Please provide discussion detailing how your philosophic viewpoint impacts how you view the chosen POI and how it impacts the way you search for the “truth” about this issue.

Finally, you will discuss the opposing philosophical viewpoint as it relates to your practice and your POI. If your viewpoint is primarily Analytical, you will discuss the merits of Continental philosophy; if your primary viewpoint is Continental, you will discuss the merits of an Analytical viewpoint.

This assignment is a scholarly paper and should be written in a formal style. The length of this assignment should be no more than 6 pages excluding the title page and Reference list. All submissions should be submitted to the Assignment section in PDF format. Each assignment must be submitted to, a copy of the Turnitin report should be merged with your paper prior to submission. Please see the Turnitin directions in the Course Home section of the Lessons if you have any questions about this procedure.

A copy of the grading rubric is provided for you below. It is highly recommended that you organize your paper based on the grading rubric criteria detailed below; the use of headings based on the grading rubric criteria is also strongly recommended.

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