design the Technology Software/Hardware Purchase Request Form.

The College has asked you to design the Technology Software/Hardware Purchase Request Form.

Complete the following steps:

1.  Create a MS Word document and then save it as TechForm.docx.
2.  Open the accompanying file Instructions.docx and follow the steps in it.

Select the following link to access the instructions.


All Information Technology related purchases will require the use of this form. In addition to the checks and reviews of the ongoing purchases, the form will also become part of the IT Projects portfolio. The Purchase Request Form has 3 parts (at least three pages in total): a cover page, the request form, and an appendix. This form will be used to collect the information needed and will be the basis to determine if the request aligns with College’s technical initiatives and when used for that purpose, the College’s curriculum.

The Cover Page will start with the title of the form, the name of the person requesting the purchase (YOU) and the date. Next, include the detailed purpose of the form, who will use the form, and the procedures for submitting the form (e.g., who the form is submitted to, who to contact with questions, etc.).

The Request Form (at least one page long) is a table consisting of three parts; the heading, the details, and the signatures. Please format the following items into a table form, which will be a concise, professionally developed document with all the needed information provided. You can enter either real or fictitious information into the form as if you are making a real-world purchase request. For information that is not applicable to the purchase request, please write N/A as the entry.

The form heading section should include the following items:

· Name

· Department

· Office #

· Phone #

The form detail section should include the following items:

· Type of purchase (hardware/software/service)

· Type of request (new/renewal/replacement/upgrade)

· Installation location

· Project name and description (if this request is part of a larger project, please provide the project information)

· Justification (how the hardware/software will be used; why the purchase is needed)

The form signature section will contain a 2 column table. column one will contain signatures and column two will contain the date. Include enough rows for your signature and any reviewers (as many as you feel are necessary.

The Appendix Page (at least one page long) will consist of cost estimates. You need to provide quotes from three providers that you found through online searches

Each estimate may include the following information, depending on the purchase.

· Equipment/software costs

· Implementation/setup costs

· Annual fee costs

· Licensing costs

· Service costs

· Other costs

· Total

Headers, footers, or themes applied to the form will be a plus.

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