Declarative and Procedural Memories

Declarative and Procedural Memories

The case of Henry Molaison (H.M.) presented in this week’s readings demonstrates the impact memory loss can have on an individual’s life. Through H.M.s tragic loss, scientists have gained groundbreaking insights into how the brain functions. One of the major breakthroughs to come from H.M.s case is the discovery that there are different types of memories and each type of memory is processed differently by the brain. Cases such as H.M.s raise questions about the role of memory and memory loss in forging identity, social bonds, and continuity of human experience.

For this week’s Discussion, you analyze the different types of memory and how different kinds of memory loss can impact human life.

With these thoughts in mind:

Provide one example of declarative memory and identify its subtype and one example of procedural memory and identify its subtype. Then, explain one way declarative memory loss and one way procedural memory loss can impact an individual’s life. Finally, explain whether you would rather lose the ability to make new declarative or procedural memories and explain why.

APA Format

250-300 words

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2Course: Advanced Qualitative Research Design and Analysis


The purposes of this assignment are to:

· Organize data.

· Memo emergent ideas.

· Describe and classify codes into themes.

· Develop and assess interpretations.

Action Items

1. Select 3–5 magazine or newspaper articles that each discuss the same topic.

2. As you read these text files, use bracketing and the types of analytic skills discussed in your reading this week to allow you to assign memos and code labels.

3. Determine what themes could be formed from the text segments assigned to the codes.

4. Using the same or compatible coding strategies, examine photos or other images associated with the articles, and allow your intellectual curiosity to address questions such as who, what, when, and why to determine what new or similar themes emerge.

5. Note: secondary research sources should be used as support throughout your paper as you deem appropriate.

Write 3 pages double-spaced .

Follow APA guidelines for writing your paper.

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