Data Science and Bigdata Analysis Software Education of America Data

1. Why are you applying to the Data Science Bootcamp?

2.What is your background with statistics and data analytic training/projects/thinking? Be as detailed as possible. Feel free to include links to any projects you have been involved with, courses you have taken, etc.

3.What is your background with computer programming? Be as detailed as possible. Feel free to include links to any applications you have built, courses you have taken, etc. Please include even self-study “dabbling” using sites such as Codecademy.

4.The ideal candidate is someone who loves to solve problems or tinker and who doesn’t easily give up. Can you give us examples that illustrate these qualities in you?

5.The ability to think in a structured way, both creatively and quantitatively, to solve complex problems is an important element of being a successful data scientist or data engineer. Can you tell us anything that demonstrates your abilities in that realm? (anything from standardized test scores to experience playing a musical instrument to work projects counts)

6.Please tell us something surprising or amusing that you have discovered.

7.Is there anything else that you would like us to know? Take your best shot at selling us on why we want you in our class. Give us whatever additional information that will make us want to interview you for admission.

Please any computer experts can answer these questions for my interview.I have a masters of pharmacy and worked as a manager in retail pharmacy.

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