Create an Interview Outline for Workforce Development Course

To help you schedule your major project for this course, you are being asked to start prepping for it now so that all of your work doesn’t pile up on you all at one time.

Please review the Training Project Guidelines in this Module’s READINGS (and attached below).

Look particularly at the first section: Needs Analysis. For this Assignment, you need to prepare a Word document with two paragraphs:

PARAGRAPH 1: Describe the company you will be using for your project, and provide the name and contact information for the human resource director or other manager who you will be interviewing. Include an approximate date for the interview.

Company Name will be: Jacobs/CH2M

Contact Person: LaTasha Caruthers/

Date: 06/21/2018 @ 2:00PM

Type of Work: Manufacturing Preventative Maintenance/Operations

Current Training: On-site OSHA and equipment operation training

Off-Site: CPR Training

Some Training Gaps: Hazardous materials and electrical training for all staff, YOU CAN ADD MORE THINGS HERE TOO

PARAGRAPH 2: Write a short script that includes at least FIVE interview questions you will be asking this person. Please use a signal phrase at the beginning of the paragraph to introduce your list. Number the interview questions using an ordered list.