Complete Career Education Discussion

Reminder…due tonight 6/10

TE 515-80 Career Education

Career Education-What is your perception?

Due Monday, June 10, 2019 by 9:00 p.m. (extended from Thursday)

(Pre-Assessment-Non Graded)

What do you think is Career Education? Do you think that this is a mechanism to emphasize the importance of work (yes or no and why)? With this being a consideration, why do you think most people work. Your task is to explore and address your working knowledge of career education (your working definition) and address:

-What is Career Education and how does it help to prepare students for the current and future workforce?

– Why do you think the educator and Career Education Administrators should stay abreast of career trends and projections?

You may respond to one of your classmate’s entries, but this is optional for now. You are expected to have, at least, two paragraphs to address these questions.

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