Comparison between three different Japanese paintings

This is the instruction of the paper. But I already decided the art pieces which are :

  • Beauty Looking Back, Moronobu, late 17th century
  • Otani Oniji III, Sharaku, 1794
  • Comb, Utamaro, 1798
  • So please write a paper and to write analysis those subjects.
  • You need to use at lease 3 resources.
  • History of Japanese Art. Penelope Mason. Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2005.Japanese Culture. Paul Varley, 4th ed. University of Hawaii Press, 2000.
  • These two are the mandatory and you can choose one more online resource
  • Thank you

Students are expected to develop an issue related to the course material. Typical topics include studies of a single monument or work of art, work produced under the patronage of a particular individual or clan, a particular aspect of a single artist’s work, or a carefully delimited discussion about the development of a particular type of subject matter. The grade will be based on clarity of presentation, effectiveness of evidence presented, and soundness of conclusions