Comparing Republican and Democrat State of the Union Addresses


Research, analyze, compare and contrast President Clinton and President Ford Presidential State of the Union Address (the current administration is ineligible for this paper topic). Ensure your analysis includes a discussion related to the concept of presidential power and persuasion.

Thesis Statement:

Pr. Clinton and Pr. Ford used their State of the Union Addresses to overcome political obstacles with persuasion and honest assessment.

***I will be attaching various documents already done for this and will be requiring you to use my outline to complete the rough draft.** Please use referenced materials in word doc labeled Week 2 Research paper*** Also, please refer to Week 3 thesis/outline to follow along with my timeline.

Assignment Description: Students will submit their nearly completed 8 to 10-page paper (final rough draft). The rough draft must look like the final product (full citations, references, title page, etc.).

Submit your rough draft 8 to 10-page. This is a full, properly formatted semi-final version of your paper (by now, this should be your 3rd draft). The rough draft should follow the format below. Each item in your rough draft represents a different section of your paper.

Rough Draft Format:


Research Question/Topic and Thesis statement clearly identified



Various perspectives on the issue

Discussion/Analysis (your unique contribution, which may use information from section 4 and will also contain original research)


Reference list (full and complete)

Rough Draft — Requirements:

Refer back to and include the minimum requirements (i.e., name, title, etc.)

Include referencing style under your name

Must be between 8-10 pages (not including graphs, pictures, title page, reference page, etc.)

Fully and properly referenced and cited using noted referencing style


Any questions please let me know!