CJA340 California National University History of Corrections in America Essay

In 1 to 2 pages of double-spaced text for each question below (total of 7-14 pages), respond to each of the following 5 discussion items, and use references/citations:

This discussion is very informal and can be written in first person view. Please ensure you use citations when preparing the document. It will not need to be in APA format.

1. Describe the history of corrections in American. (worth 2 points)

2. Briefly discuss the prison sanctions of indeterminate, determinate, and mandatory sentencing. (worth 2 points)

3. What are the historical differences among probation, parole, and intermediate sanctions? (worth 2 points)

4. Identify and briefly discuss 4 group treatment modalities used in prisons to attempt to rehabilitate prisoners. (worth 2 points).

5. When considering probation, parole, community-based (intermediate) sanctions, and incarceration, discuss how each is intended to rehabilitate offenders. (worth 2 points

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