Career Portfolio

Write a one page (3 paragraphs per page) for each of the skills listed below, be specific and give examples.

The skills are;

1. Communication

2. Time Managment

3. Problem Solving

4. Team Work

5. Leadership

NOTE: you need to write 1 page per each skill (5 skills are listed above, so the assignment will be 5 pages long), each page has to have 3 paragraphs, and each paragraph should include the following;

Paragraph 1: Reflect your strengths / weaknesses

Paragraph 2: How you have grown in each area since entering college?

Paragraph 3: Your plans to continue your growth

Use headlines as title for each of the paragraph titles as listed above in the paper!

Notes: I am a female who is getting her Associate degree in Web Design and Interactive Media, and this is my 3rd Quarter in college. I am a U.S Army Veteran and served as active duty for 10 years, so you can relate my Army experience into this paper, and add the college experience with it.

The paper has to be in First-person language ( about myself)

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