California San Diego Techniques for Modeling Human Factors Paper

“Usable security matters because people are an important element in the security of any system. If you don’t consider how people will use your system, the odds are against them using it well. The security usability community is learning to model people, the sorts of decisions you need them to make, and the sorts of scenarios in which they act.” (Shostack, p. 293)

Chapter 15 list several techniques for modeling human factors.

Select one (1) model from Chapter 15 and provide a 300-words report on the model name, description, models developer or creator, and framework.Use can use graphics in this assignment.

Note: You cannot use your textbook as a reference. You must research scholarly articles and other reputable sources as your references.Your paper must pass SafeAssign with a score of less than 40%.

Use APA format when creating your references.

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