BUS421 Week 2 Discussions 1and 2 MUST BE ORIGINAL

Discussion 1

Segmentation Strategies

What is positioning? What is branding? Assess positioning and branding strategies; recommend a specific strategy for an organization’s desired outcome.

Discussion 2

Marketing Careers and SWOTT Analysis

A general consensus is SWOTT only applies to business entities. However, you can analyze yourself with the SWOTT analysis. Having to do a SWOTT analysis on yourself can be difficult at times. But, the most important part of the exercise is your ability to sit down and examine yourself by going through a thorough critical process.

You should know your own Strengths and Weaknesses. However, do not neglect the importance of Opportunities, Threat, and Trends. The essence of doing the SWOTT analysis on yourself is to allow you to stop and reflect on yourself, to see what you believe you have accomplished in your professional life, and what there is yet for you to ‘master’ that will help make you competitive in any field.

Once you are prepared, use the SWOTT Analysis chart to organize and record your responses. Your completed document should be attached to your discussion response. To include the document as an attachment, locate the attachment feature in the bottom left-hand corner of the discussion response box. (access chart through your online classroom)

For your initial post

  • Describe which of the Strengths and Weaknesses you are already exhibiting on a regular basis
  • Identify at least two possible Opportunities that are available to you based on your current profile, as well as the qualifications you already possess.
  • Discuss which two major Threats are emerging for you and how you plan to overcome them to be successful.
  • What trends do you notice in the industry you work in/would like to work in?
  • Are there individuals in your professional network that can help you?

Identify your long-term goals. Where would you like to be professionally one to five years from now?.

(Do it as if you were an outgoing father of 5, married, seeking a professional career change)


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