Brown Mackie College – Atlanta Diversity in The Workforce Discussion

Assignment 1:

Attached you will find the worksheet (cf diversity wroskheet) needed to complete the discussion below.

Choose two of the cultural groups identified on the worksheet. Expand on the detail that you gave in the “Implications for Your Work” column for those two groups. What are your strengths in working with those two groups, and what opportunities exist for growth?

Reflect generally on how you completed the two columns in the template. What were your “big ideas” or “aha” moments related to how your diversity characteristics apply to your work?

Assignment 2:

Attached you will find the documents needed (example and self assessment proposal) to complete the assignment. I have also included an example of what it needs to look like.

Just to give you an idea of what I do for work is I work as a financial aid coordinator for a university.

Describe the main strengths that emerged from your self-assessment of the course knowledge and skills.
Describe opportunities for growth that emerged from the self-assessment.
Identify three goal statements for learning during this course. Each goal statement should be observable and measurable so you can evaluate your progress later on.
Create a brief action plan. Explain which observable actions you will take to address each of your goals throughout the course.

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