Ashford University Online Career Assessments Validation Essay

Complete the following “free” on-line career assessment (there are 60 multiple choice questions).…

Copy and paste your personality assessment that will appear at the end of the assessment (you do not have the buy the full assessments as presented at the bottom of your final assessment). Address the following in this short 1.5 to 2 page paper in APA format.

1) Describe on-line career assessments (types and what they address)

2) Do you think that on-line career assessments are valid (why or why not and provided examples)?

3) Should personality assessments play a part in career assessments (why)?

4) Discuss the personality assessment that your received from the above assessment and indicated if you believe that this is a true depiction of your personality and would be important in your future career aspirations.

5) Conclude your thoughts on career assessments.

You should also identify two source to cite, in order to help build your case. List on reference page in addition to the assessment link. Follow the APA format, and type, double space in 12 point font, times new roman. Submit in MS Word, ONLY.

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