Area of Origin and Area of Convergence

Area of Origin and Area of Convergence

You are a bloodstain pattern analyst assigned to a crime scene investigation team, and you have been called upon to analyze bloodstains at a crime scene. There are multiple victims who are deceased. One victim was struck by an unknown blunt object that has caused bloodstain pattern on a wall. Another victim appears to have gunshot wounds, but the police reported they may have been stabbed with a sharp object.

You are tasked to write a report that discusses directional analysis, types of injuries, and blood volume loss. Your task is to ultimately identify, select, document, and analyze bloodstains.

Create 3- to 4-page report in a Microsoft Word document summarizing your analysis regarding the area of origin and the area of convergence. The report must also include a discussion addressing a first responder report that one of the victims appears to have been stabbed.

View the bloodstains: Bloodstains (I added the attachment)

Your report must document the following:

  • Directional Analysis:
    • Methodology used for stain selection and analysis
    • Calculations done
    • Formula used
    • Basis for your interpretation
    • References, if any

Note: If you decide not to use certain images, you will need to document the reason for doing so.

  • Interpretation of the injuries and postmortem observations:
    • Examine the bloodstain and determine the type of bloodstain you observed.

View the image taken at the crime scene: Click here (I added the attachment

  • Rationale for your conclusion.

During your initial search of the crime scene, you observe a large pool of blood with a void pattern where a body once lay. Investigation determines one of the victims is missing and through various records check, a possible victim is identified. Interviews and department of motor vehicle records indicate the victim’s weight was approximately 135 pounds.

Your supervisor wants to know if the missing victim is alive or dead.

Based on your observations, answer the following:

  • Calculate the amount of blood present in the victim given the weight in liters.
  • Determine the amount of blood loss that would cause the victim to go in to shock.
  • Calculate the amount of blood loss that could not sustain this victim’s life.

Discuss what studies you would conduct to determine the amount of blood loss occurred at the crime scene.

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.