applied Marketing Management

Your first task is to post your own Key Assignment Outline

It is time to put your marketing plan together based on the research you have done through Weeks 1–3.

2000-3000 Words

Review the following Web site for an overview of sample marketing plans:….

The following are the 3 steps to finalizing the marketing plan for your selected company and chosen product:

  1. Distribution and pricing strategy: Include a section giving an overview of the distribution channels and proposed pricing strategy for your product.
  2. Marketing communications plan: Develop and add a section about your marketing communications plan. Use an integrated marketing communications (IMC) strategy to develop 2 key communications pieces:
    • 1 direct mail campaign, either print or digital, to promote your brand
    • 1 social media option that presents a site for customers who want to follow your brand
  3. Marketing research and sections from Weeks 1–3: Compile, edit, and organize the following sections of your plan form your previous research in Weeks 13 including the following:
    • The business goals and objectives of your company for the coming year
    • The company’s environmental analysis
    • A competitive overview based on your SWOT analysis
    • The company’s targeted customer markets
    • The positioning strategy

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