An important challenge to the significance of the intellectual capacities of human beings is posed by those who depreciate their value by denying that humans can ever attain truth in any significant sense of this term …[Against this denial], it is the experience of all of us that we come to know some things; that much of this knowledge is relevant and quite useful; and that, collectively, the knowledge human beings have gained over millennia has allowed them to improve remarkably their lives and provided them many valuable insights about the world surrounding them and about themselves.

This paragraph is taken from the note on “The Rationality of Human Beings.”

Prepare a write-up 900-1,200 words long in which you either:

– Agree with the thesis of the paragraph, giving your reasons for agreeing;

– or disagree with the thesis of the paragraph, giving your reasons for disagreeing;

– or accept the thesis of the paragraph with qualifications, also giving reasons.

The assignment should be properly referenced, identifying the source of each statement or idea which is not original work of the author.The quality of English language will be taken into account in grading the assignment.