Annotated bibliography Included below is my apa citations and I just need to make an annotated bib.

In preparation for your literature review, (and referring back to your APA references assignment) consider the research studies you found related to your selected communication theory (a minimum of 7 studies should be included in this assignment). Compose an annotated bibliography that includes (for each source) the APA citation, followed by a summarizing paragraph written in your own words (do not copy or quote from the study). Include toward the beginning of each summarizing paragraph an in-text parenthetical citation that refers to the source study, and describe each of the following (using past tense) in the paragraph:

1. The purpose of the study – describe what the researchers were trying to find out.
2. The method of the study – explain how the researchers conducted their study (be sure to identify the type of research – quantitative, textual, or qualitative).
3. The conclusions of the study – describe what the researchers found out.

In addition to these structural requirements, the annotated bibliography should comply with the following compositional standards:

1. Include a properly formatted APA title page with running header and pagination (page numbers).
2. The paper should utilize 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins on all sides.
3. Do not write in first-person style (“I”), and avoid the use of personal pronouns (such as “you” or “we”). In place of a pronoun, specify who is being referred to.
4. Composition should be sensible, with error-free grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

NOTE: Include the APA citation (in alphabetical order) of each reference. Below the citation write the paragraph that includes the information listed above. There needs only to be one paragraph per citation provided. This is a shortened version of the coding sheet you wrote for the three articles. Hope this clarifies things a bit.