American School of Business Southwest Airlines Questions

Research the web in regards to Southwest Airlines. In a Word document, reply to the following questions. Be sure to state each question along with each respective response. Include any citations and adhere to the rules of written English.

1.How does Southwest add value? What makes Southwest different from just “any airline”?

2.How would you describe the competitive priorities of Southwest? How does this differ from other airlines?

3.Is Southwest for all traveling customers? Why or why not?

4.During Herb Kelleher’s interview in the video, what did he state was his unique pricing strategy to explain his incredibly low airfares (i.e., how did he decide how little to charge for fares)?

5.Why is it important for Southwest to maintain its culture of humor on its flights?

6.Given that Southwest is the only major U.S. carrier that doesn’t charge for luggage, they are missing out on easy money, or are they? What is your take on this decision?

7.To what do you attribute the success of Southwest airlines?

To help out, There are countless other videos and resources on the web.

Please be sure to write two pages

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