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Case 4.1 Getting Out of the Army

Case 4.2 Going Abroad

Case 5.1 Light Bulb Sellers

Case 5.2 Padding the Expense Account?

INITIAL POST INSTRUCTIONS: Well before midnight THURSDAY (see Task List for specific dates), please create a message to analyze ONLY ONE of the case studies above. Because this is a 60-point assignment, your post should reflect a complete analysis of the situation with thorough evidence that meets the criteria below.

Please include the following in your post:

  1. Type the case study number and description you selected as your subject line (title).
  2. Type the text of the case questions (from the textbook) at the top of your response to help orient your readers (NOT included in your word count).
  3. Key a minimum of 2 paragraphs with a blank line between each (for readability).
  4. Every INITIAL POST must be a minimum of 100 of YOUR OWN words–no plagiarism allowed. This word count does not include the restatement of the question or question parts. Use quotation marks for any phrases directly copied from a source and provide a source note.
  5. To maintain a spirit of efficiency and conciseness, please keep all INITIAL POSTS to a maximum of 300 words. (Feel free to use the Word Count and Spell Check features in your word processor, then copy and paste into the text box—but PLEASE do NOT use attachments for your post).
  6. Because this is a formal assignment, INITIAL POSTS will be graded for promptness, word count, content, originality, grammar, spelling, mechanics, and format according to the Threaded Discussion Forum Rubric (under Assessments–click the right-arrow next to the rubric to preview it).
  7. Include at least TWO KEY TERMS and/or facts from the chapter your case study came from to substantiate your analysis. Key those terms in ALL CAPS so that they stand out. Your post should demonstrate proper use and clear understanding of the terms as well as the ability to justify your response based on facts (evaluated as part of Content). I will be looking for terms in ALL CAPS and parenthetical citations with page numbers in your posts.
  8. While your “opinion” of the case/situation helps readers to understand your response, the MOST important part of your response is the “justification” of that opinion, which requires you to base your response on FACTS, which must be “substantiated” and cited appropriately. This is the basis of acceptable academic research and writing expected at the senior level. It also proves that you really studied the chapter, and are not just pulling a response out of the air.



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