about Labor Relations

  1. Discuss the objectives of labor relations (efficiency, equity, and voice) including what do they represent and how to balance among them
  2. Why union was necessary and why the density of private sectors has been decreasing?
  1. Unity is strength. Union is a group of people.
  2. Safe job.

3. Read about the Janus case

1.1 Describe the Janus case

The case is to form unions to improve our lives and our communities.

it helps employees to have a decent living from their.

1.2 What’s your opinion about the fair share union dues in public sector?

1.3 What do you think will be challenges for public section unions after this case?

4. What’s your opinion about union getting involved with politics?

3. What’s the political environment for union in Minnesota and do you think there will be changes soon?

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