A paper relate to industry

Sam’s Club versus Costco and the industry that they compete in

Your team is assuming the role of a set of consulting experts who are charged with the task of providing professional advice on the quality of business opportunity in an industry. Your task is to advise on the best way to participate in the industry under study. I will provide the industry and two of the major competitors in the industry. Your team needs to discuss the different business models that the two firms are using and then pick one of the two firms and advise them in how to compete now and into the future in the industry. This is not meant to be a “research” paper but an analysis of the business plans and strategy that firms are using in the industry. Hopefully this will be a free flowing assignment where there are no boundaries with regard to the direction you can take the paper. Do not worry about format, use what some call “casual business report format”; a format that would be acceptable in your organization. Please cite any references and all direct quotes. You can pick you choice of citation and bibliography style. Your paper should analyze data and use graphic techniques such as tables and charts to efficiently communicate such information.

This should be a 8 to 10 page paper (double-spaced), the paper can exceed the 10 pages in length if needed, especially if including charts, graphs, etc. Be sure to analyze and evaluate; don’t just report without adding value.

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