5 short essays and 2 long essays

No citations needed! Answer all the questions on your own words.

5 Short essays (2 paragraphs each)


The importance of the Speaker of the House or Senate majority leader or President or Chief Justice position in the battle over agenda setting in Washington D.C.


Explain the organizational differences between the executive offices and the committees of the Congress in their ability to pass laws.


Evaluate the role of the media or political parties in the pursuit of political power in the American electoral system. Who has more influence over the events of 2008 or 2012? Explain.


Is there a right to privacy according to the advocates of restraint and activism? Explain.


Contrast the role of the bureaucrat or interest group in the success or failure of a policy option.

2 long essays (800 to 1000 words).


Explain the process for deciding the Brown v Board of Topeka Kansas decision? Explain fully using previous precedent and strategies of the civil rights movement toward the 9-0 ruling in 1954.


What significance does the congress and president have upon the national budget and domestic policy? Explain fully