5-2 Short Paper: Quality Improvement

The role of the healthcare team is vital in continuous quality improvement as all team members are involved in the delivery of care and are responsible for the patient’s quality experience. Understanding how team members communicate will assist you in your workplace experience and will also help you to employ effective strategies that boost effective team communications. In this assignment, after reviewing the associated article, you will consider the implications of interdisciplinary team communications and how these can help or hinder the delivery of quality care to the patient.


Read the Intergroup Relationships and Quality Improvement in Healthcare article and consider the importance of interdisciplinary communications and teamwork. Also, consider the role of the team as you formulate strategies to address your chosen clinical issue for the final paper.

Your submission must include the following critical elements:

 Identify strategies to improve interdisciplinary communication among providers.

 Assess the value of interdisciplinary communication related to improving quality of patient care.

 Evaluate the selected strategies to reduce errors in injury.

Guidelines for Submission: This submission should be 2–4 pages

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