10 pages Manifesto (requires historical paper reading)

The manifesto is 10 pages long, and I have finished 4 pages draft. The thing you need to do is to expand my draft and make it 10 pages long. You should follow my main concept AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, you must have some basic understanding for the following test: Analects(Confucius), Nicomachean Ethics, the epic of Gilgamesh, Buddhism, Bhagavad Gita. The prompt is the screen shot that I post. And the following links and pdfs are the articles that helps you to finish my final paper. There are few grammar issue on my paper, and some places are kinda confusing. You have have make it readable (at least for yourself). Please, first go check my draft before you take the job.

http://classics.mit.edu/Aristotle/nicomachaen.1.i…. (chapter 1 and chapter 5 most importantly)

http://www.aina.org/books/eog/eog.pdf (epic of Gilgamesh)

https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/confucius/ (confucius)

http://thephilosophersmail.com/virtues/the-great-e… (confucius)